Americas Adventure 2015 - We're Full - but maybe you can still come!

The response to the tour this year has been amazing! There are already so many registrations that the two busses we have arranged are full. You can still sign up to be on a waiting list in case some people cancel or can not make it. If there is enough interest, we might also try to arrange some additional transportation.
Our Americas Adventures are an experience beyond words. We enjoy the big crowd and direct blessing of our Lama during the summer course at the Europe Center, and then hop on a bus (or busses) together, where connections deepen. The visits to European centers are like pilgrimages where we go together, see fine examples, learn and share what we can. This year we can take up to 90 friends along!


Part 1: Europe Center Summer Course 

July 27 - August 9
Helping with course dismantling August 10 - 11

For general information about the course program, prices, and registration, please visit the course website –

This will be an historic year at the summer course! The buildings should be all done, or close to it. We’ll all want to be there for the EC inauguration events, including the presentation of historical items from each country for the EC time capsule.


Part 2: Bus tour

August 12 - 18

We will visit fewer places than previous tours, but generally have more time in the places we visit.

  • 12 - Visit the Stupa in Salzburg and on to Vienna
  • 13 - Vienna
  • 14 - Stop for a few hours in Bratislava
  • 14 - 16 Budapest - Americas Adventure Course
  • 17 - Becske
  • 18 - Budapest - time with friends, sightseeing, etc.
We’ll have the entire weekend and a few extra days in Budapest. Over the weekend, we will have a powerful weekend course with European and American sanghas, including Diamond Way teachers. In the weekdays that follow, we have a chance to feel out what it is like to live in such a big center. Our friends are inviting us into their flats, so we will have a more authentic taste of what it's like. Not to be missed!
As last year, you will have a choice between rates. The lower rate covers cost, and the higher rate simply gives a bit of additional support to the Americas Project. This helps make it easier to coordinate our big events and supports the general activity of the Americas Project. Rate choice does not influence accommodation. Payment in full guarantees your place. If you pay, and later need a refund, we will only be able to give back $50 less than the amount you paid. 
Payment online will be deducted in US dollars. Cash in either currency (euros or dollars) can be given on site at the EC.
Rate options
$250 USD (220 Euros)
$300 USD (260 Euros)
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