Weekend with Traveling Teacher Marta Gyorgy-Kessler

Buddhist Events NY - Buddhism NY

Friday Feb 21st
8pm Disturbing Feelings – Source of Buddha Wisdoms

Saturday Feb 22nd
3pm Meditation Session (plus Q&A)
6pm Dinner
8pm The Teacher as a Source of Inspiration

Sunday Feb 23rd
3pm Highest View is Highest Joy

Marta is Hungarian and took refuge in Budapest in 1990 with Lama Ole. From 1993 Marta lived and worked in a number of different Buddhist centers in Germany, primarily in Munich. She was a member of the team for the Kassel summer course and then the Europe Centre, and organised the Balkan tour with Lama Ole from 1993. Marta travelled many times with Lama Ole and Hannah in different countries, traveling and helping with the tours of HH 17th Karmapa in Europe 2004, 2005 and 2007. Marta was asked to teach by Lama Ole in 2002. Professionally Marta is an actress, a movement therapist and a movement teacher. Currently living in London, UK, and working on a documentary about the life of Hannah Nydahl.
Marta has travelled and taught in a number of different European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Finnland, UK, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. She has also taught Buddhism across Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

Suggested donation per lecture/meal: $10. 

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