Weekend Program with Klaus Kaltenbrunner – January 22-24

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Weekend Program with Klaus Kaltenbrunner

January 22th-24th

Friday 8pm “Ngondro: the Foundational Practices”
Saturday 3pm “The Five Buddha Families”
Saturday 8pm “The Teacher in Diamond Way Buddhism”
Sunday 2pm “The Meaning of the Sangha”

Klaus Kaltenbrunner was born in 1952. He became a pediatrician and later specialized in child neurology and psychiatry. He is also trained as a family therapist and psychotherapist. For many years he has been living in Villach, Austria, working in the local hospital, treating children with all kinds of developmental delays and their families. He has been married to his wife, Andrea, for more than 30 years. They have two grown up children and two grandchildren. Andrea is also a long-term student of Lama Ole.

Klaus took refuge with Lama Ole in 1998 and has been teaching Buddhism in Diamond Way Buddhist Centers around the world since 2004.

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