Visiting Teacher Mike Freeland

Buddhist Events NY - Monthly Program

Visiting Teacher Mike Freeland

Series of Lectures with Mike Freeland

Friday Sept 27th: 8pm “Buddhism in Daily Life”
Saturday Sept 28th: 3pm “Meditation”
Saturday Sept 28th: 8pm “Student and Teacher in Diamond Way Buddhism”

Mike met Buddhism early in 1972 and has held an unwavering interest in the nature of mind all his adult life. After meeting the Karma Kagyu teachings and taking refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in 1997 Mike has become deeply involved in Lama Ole’s work in Canada. Finding confidence in intense experience, Mike has at times pursued aerobatic flying, skydiving, motorcycling, and traveling with Lama Ole. Mike is also a successful businessman and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2006 Lama Ole asked him to teach and Mike usually travels with his lovely partner BJ. He brings years of experience to his talks, mixing humor and down-to-earth practicality.

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