A Talk by Yomaira Urquia and Jeremiah Hendren

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A Talk by Yomi Urquia and Jeremiah Hendren

Tuesday, October 9th
8pm The meaning of the Sangha

Jeremiah Hendren took refuge with Lama Ole as a child in California during the 1990s. During university, he helped start the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Boston. He and his wife Yomi moved to Germany in 2011 with the wish to help connect the Diamond Way activity on both sides of the Atlantic. He was asked by Lama Ole to teach in 2015, and he especially enjoys teaching together with Yomi.

Yomi Urquia took refuge in Caracas in 2003 and came to Europe for the first time one year later. After traveling for almost a year with our lamas, she spent a few years in the Buddhist Center in Madrid, which was a great experience of growing and working together with friends. Later, while living in Berlin, she finished her Ngondro. Then at the beginning of 2011, while living with our sangha in Boston, she began teaching throughout the USA and Canada. She and her husband Jeremiah moved to Munich in 2011 to be closer to the EC, where there is so much work to be done. Traveling for a few years with the Lamas, especially with Lama Ole, has given Yomi great trust in her teachers, and out of this gratitude, she is happy to share her experience in the centers.

Admission: $10 per lecture

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