Diamond Way Buddhism

Mahamudra Course with Lama Ole Nydahl at the Northeast Retreat Center, Sep 1-4 2017

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Registration & Transportation

Registration includes meals, lectures, and staying on the land in your own tent.


Before July 31: $280
After July 31: $330

* $50 cancellation fee

Bus transportation
We arranged bus transportation from and to New York and Boston. You can reserve and pay for the buses when you register.

To the NRC

From the NRC

  • To New York - Monday Sept 4th @ 2pm
  • To Boston - Monday Sept 4th @ 2pm
  • To New York - Tuesday Sept 5th @ 2pm
  • To Boston - Tuesday Sept 5th @ 2pm (with Travel Group)

Ride Share
You can also arrange to share a ride by leaving your info and/or contacting someone in the Ride Share Spreadsheet.