Americas Adventure in Europe 2013

Join the very first Americas Adventure in Europe! The three-part summer sangha event will focus on cultivating our friendships both across North, Central, and South America and with our sanghas over the pond in Europe.

  • Part 1 - Americas Week at the Europe Center: July 29–August 2
  • Part 2 - Europe Center Summer Course (Join a Team!): August 5–18
  • Part 3 - Americas Bus Tour of DW Centers in Europe: August 19–25

In Part 1, we’ll take over the menu, dharma program, and evening entertainment at the EC, while also supporting the Summer Course build-up period. Part 2 will bring an unprecedented number of us Americans to participate in EC Summer Course, including working on course teams. Part 3 was inspired by our “Vaya Con” tours in the Americas, deepening our practice by traveling together with sangha friends and teachers.

You can join in ALL or mix and match part of the tour. Please fill out the Interest Form to let us know for which parts you (may) want to join.

If you have any questions, please write to us at:

The adventure is part of the Americas Project, which spurred cooperation between North, Central, and South America. Learn more here: